seducedbyvinoI have developed a love for wine over the years through many different experiences. Such as traveling, assisting with wine making in Oregon and my own curiosity. I have a passion for science and curiosity which eventually lead me to assisting with wine making. I love the outdoors, traveling, snowboarding, golfing, singing in the car, and cooking/food. I have an edge for experimentation. I may not be creating wine for a label anymore but I continue to expand my horizons and enjoy life.

Wine is very subjective. This is an art form with a blend of science. Wine can be inspirational, truth serum, explorational, and delicious. I will not pretend to be all knowing or that my description is exactly what you should experience as well. I’d like this to be a guide to expand your horizons on wine and have fun with it! I hope you will use this to help find a wine to enjoy on a night of chocolate and movies or for a dinner with the in-laws from Napa California. Be prepared to be seduced! – Tess

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Seduced by Vino