A Decadent Wine to Remind You of a Special Day

The last couple of weeks have been challenging. Testing a marriage, bringing me to my limits physically and mentally, and emotionally drained. Yes, I am talking about moving. Not just from one place to another within the same city; but driving a truck with your partner over two states along the pacific coast. We logged over 18 hours. Therefore, a bottle of something special was definitely in order.

Rutherford Hill Malbec 2007The day I tasted this wine at the winery for the first time was a rainy, stormy, chilly day in March. I remember running from the car through the mud to the big wooden doors leading to the pristine Napa Vally tasting room. Sloughing off a drenched coat and muddy boots my friends and I saddled up to the tasting room bar. Luckily there were not that many people there but it was still a bit embarrassing. We went through the tasting enjoying each wine we tasted. There was one wine that surprised me and turned out to be a very special wine. The wine had been bottled 6 months to a year therefore still pretty young. This was just what the day called for. A big bold wine to sip casually by a fire laughing and chillin with friends. But I also new this was special. I wanted to cellar it for a few years because it had so much potential. Little did I know that this wine I fell in love with would also be the same day I met my future husband. The wine has a sentimental connection for me and opening it after moving all our crap to start a new chapter together just made sense. How full circle I feel my life has become. The decadent wine; Rutherford Hills Ranch Malbec 2007 in Napa California. Low and behold California can produce something fabulous that isn’t a chardonnay or cabernet sauvignon.
Wine Notes:

Nose: Cherry, Plum, Smokey, Kerosene, Molasses
Taste: Black Cherry, Prune, Cedar, Black Tea, White Pepper, cloves

Very deep, big, bold red fruit with spice. Smooth tannins and an amazing balance with the hint of pepper. Beautiful wine at the perfect age to drink and enjoy. Definitely aging it for a few years allowed the tannins to smooth out create a exemplary poise. Enjoy by the fire on a rainy day or with a big plate of ribs.

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