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Thank you to all the people in the military for their hard work, commitment, and sacrifices for our country.

Memorial Day Weekend starts tomorrow. Some people might spend the weekend with friends and family enjoying themselves and taking a break from the normal grind of the week days. Most people I know will be grilling and kicking back. Growing up as a kid living in Kansas our family would get together on Memorial day and plan a picnic/BBQ. My Dad would grill meat or since it was the start of the summer smoke brisket or turkey. Then grill hot dogs and hamburgers. My Mom would make all the sides potato salad, beans, green beans, corn, biscuits, and of course a dessert. Our favorite as kids was her famous Rhubarb pie. I still dream about that to this day. So what is a great wine to pair with all the different flavors and the sunny weather? A Zinfandel of course! The weather may be hot and/or humid or it may be rainy and chilly but either way a zin really compliments the food and can be enjoyed on a sunny day in Napa California, or a rainy day in Texas. Don’t be afraid to chill the wine just a little before serving but not too long. Cline Ancient vines Zinfandel 2008 is a great choice for price as well as versatility. Cline is a beautiful winery that creates many different types of wine with a cool picnic area to enjoy an afternoon with friends and family.

Cline CellarsZinfandel has long been the grape that California has labeled the red wine of California. However, Zin originated in Croatia and was brought to California during the gold rush. Zin was revived in the 1970’s after prohibition almost wiped out the zinfandel vineyards in California. Zin characteristics are influenced by the type of climate the grape is grown. If the climate is hot you might experience more blackberry fruit, spice, and anise. If the grapes are grown in a cooler climate the wine may showcase more raspberry or berry like flavor profiles. If you have ever had an Italian wine varietal primitivo these two grape varietals are clones of each other which explains the similar characteristics. This explains why I truly enjoy a great Primitivo.

Wine Notes:

Nose: Black Raspberry, Smoke, Cloves, Juicy Berries
Taste: Blackberries, Jammy black fruit, hint of Plum, Baking spices, and Mocha

Cline Ancient Vine Zinfandel 2008 has a smooth mouth feel and finish. Balanced and spicy. Goes very nicely with BBQ meats, or red pasta dishes. Holds well with bold flavors but doesn’t over shadow the food experience. This is also a great wine to just kick back in the evening with friends and family and enjoy while the kids run around the yard chasing lighting bugs. What a great way to start the summer. Enjoy!!

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