Bubbles for a Sunny Afternoon


There are some days when you just need a pick me up or its a gorgeous day outside, the sun is shining, and the rolling hills of grapevines are a beautiful bright green. Those are the days to sit out on the veranda with a glass of bubbly in hand. Yes, celebrations are always a great time to enjoy a really nice sparkling wine but some days, you need the bubbles to tickle your tongue and bring a smile to your face. As you drive through the rolling hills of vines leading you up to Gloria Ferrer Winery heart begins to flutter and your spirits lift.  Once you arrive there is a spectacular veranda to sit on overlooking the vineyards. They do have a nice list of different types of sparkling wines to taste as well as a few other types of wines they create. Sitting outside on a warm summers day with a cold glass of sparkling wine taking in the views gives one the sense of relaxation. I have been luck enough to try several types of the sparkling wines they offer and one that definitely is a favorite in our household is Gloria Ferrer Va De Vi Non vintage.

Gloria Ferrer Va De ViThe bubbles found in sparkling wine or champagne is created from carbon dioxide given off from the yeast and contained. Sparkling wine can be created from three different methods.The carbon dioxide could be from; natural fermentation, either in a bottle, which is traditional; in a large tank designed to withstand the pressures involved, or as a result of carbon dioxide injection. The later usually used in the cheaper bottles of sparkling wine. Both France (Champagne region) and Italy (Charmat Method) use similar techniques as briefly suggested as the first two options. Champagne method mixes yeast in the bottles after second fermentation with sugar to allow those yeasts to eat the sugar and create carbon dioxide through metabolism while corked; where as the Charmat method uses stainless steel tanks under pressure adding yeast and sugar after the second fermentation to create the lovely bubbles. Each method and each type of yeast will create different types of bubbles you experience while enjoying a glass. Gloria Ferrer Va De Vi Non Vintage

Wine Notes:

Nose: Lemony Roses, Almond, Toast, Butter, hint of peach

Taste: Nectarine, Rose, Almond, Orange Sherbet, Hint of Smoke, Hint of Salt

Bubbles are just the right amount and size to tickle your tongue but not burst and overwhelm your senses. Smooth, dry, and elegant. Very easy to enjoy. This is great to start your night off with appetizers or just to cleanse the palette. Or pair this with oysters or shellfish. Great wine and good price. I always enjoy this one on a sunny Friday afternoon to start my weekend.

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