The Chateau is Calling

The sky is so blue outside, the sun is shining and there might be hints of puffy clouds lingering in the sky. The trees are in full bloom with sweet smelling flowers and the grass is the perfect shade of green. You have a lovely glass of chardonnay in your hand and you are sitting outside on the veranda with a few girlfriends. You take a sip of this perfectly chilled white wine and instantly you are transported to a time period of women wearing corsets, men in frilly shirts. You feel as though you are sitting with an intimate group of friends listening to a quartet play music by Beethoven or Bach and you would be sipping the same type of delicious wine. Bouchard Aine and Fils Vin De Bourgogne Macon Village . Very classic and very clean.

Bouchard A_F char 2007This chardonnay is grown and produced from the Macon Village in France. This area is one of the best for burgundy and especially chardonnay. Chardonnay grape is very malleable and easy to be influenced by the terroir or how it is produced. There are new styles using stainless steel barrels for aging creating more of a crisp and snappy white. However, there are still chardonnays being aged in oak. Depending on how much oak whether new or neutral will depend how “oaky” the wine might be. However, if the wine is aged in oak this will also tend to create the buttery type as well along with malolactic fermentation which is the second fermentation wine can undergo. This tends to soften most chardonnays and continue the creaminess of the wine. Some people prefer the crisp and snappy white while others tend to like the oak and buttery style. Balance is always the key.

Wine Notes

Nose: Lemon, Grapefruit, and Floral notes (perhaps, lilac or a hint of lavender)
Taste: Lemon Zest, Peach, Melon, hint of Mint, Hint of Oak, Lilac

Very clean, dry, with a bit of creamy butter and a smooth finish. Really nice and balanced. I can tell the wine was aged in both neutral and new oak. I would truly find and drink this one again. Very classic I really do feel I am in a chateau in France listening to classical style music. Great with appetizers or to start the pallet.

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